Lakeway, Cedar Park, Marble Falls TX Insurance

Insurance custom tailored to your requirements

If you need insurance solutions in Cedar Park, Lakeway or Marble Falls, then Blue Bonnet can help. The craft insurance solutions that are custom tailored to your needs. Since they have access to several carriers, they will shop around and get you the best deal, saving you time and money.

Insurance is a risk management tool and one that you should not be caught without. It is something that is better to have and not need it, than not to have and then need it. Insurance is not about gain, but about loss mitigation.  You won’t make money out of insurance, but you won’t have to carry the burden on your own when things go south.

There are different types and categories of insurance. The two broad groups are personal insurance and commercial insurance. Within each of these there are several categories and options.  You want t0 find the right mix and match of insurance coverages at the right price. Blue Bonnet Insurance Agency can help you do just that.

Personal insurance solutions include home insurance, renter’s insurance, flood insurance, auto insurance, medical insurance, life cover, disability insurance, liability cover and special items insurance. Liability cover is normally included within certain policies. For example, auto insurance will include liability component. But that will only cover you for vehicle related incidents.  Liability cover within your home insurance policy will cover you for 3rd party claims related to incidents on your property.

Commercial insurance is essential for entrepreneurs and business owners. Main categories include business owner’s policy, property insurance, liability cover, business interruption, commercial auto, worker’s compensation, group health and business specific policies.

An independent agency such as Blue Bonnet will custom tailor you insurance policies to match your requirements and your risk profile.


Lakeway, Cedar Park, Marble Falls TX Insurance from Blue Bonnet Pride provides you and your loved ones peace of mind at competitive rates. Get your quote now!