Home Insurance and Terrorism

family-home-700225_1920Home Insurance Update

It seems that every month there is a new act of terrorism.  The most recent acts occurred in New York and Minnesota.  These acts can create many questions regarding your insurance and what your homeowner’s insurance covers and does not cover.  “Standard homeowner’s insurance policies include coverage for damage to property and personal possessions resulting from acts of terrorism.  Terrorism is not specifically referenced in homeowner’s policies.  However, the policy does cover the homeowner for damage due to explosion, fire, and smoke—the likely causes of damage in a terrorist attack.”  (Insurance informationInstitute)

Other Personal Insurance Concerns

If my car is damaged, is there coverage? If you have comprehensive coverage your car would be covered for explosion.

I rent an apartment, are my personal possessions covered? Standard Renters’ Insurance policies include coverage for damage to personal possessions due to a terrorist attack.

What if I am injured while at home? Your homeowner’s insurance does not covered injury to you or your family. That would have to be covered under health insurance.

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